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Corruption Geotagging

By Tarun Mor

Let’s make corruption easily traceable! Leave a geotag using your mobile phone every time you see a corrupt transition, and warn others about it!

The problem

CorruptionCorruption is one of the biggest issues in India and is adversely affecting the counties reputation and economy. Corruption in India happens at all levels from a traffic policeman to top ranked politicians. Many efforts have been made lately to eradicate corruption from India but very little has been accomplished. One of the biggest challenges in this effort is to track every corruption transition. For example, if you see a traffic police man getting bribed by a car driver, there is very little that you can do to notify that transaction. If you see someone bribing at a Driver Licence Office (RTA) or a Passport Office there is very little that can be done to trace the number of times a corrupt transition has happened at that RTA Office or Passport Office.

Possible Solution

Let’s make corruption traceable! Leave a geotag using your mobile phone every time you see a corrupt transition and warn others and the officials about that government employee, politician, judge, or government office. Leave a geotag if your ration card or passport or voter card is not being made at an office or if an officer at a police station is not registering your case or any other work is not being done in prescribed time. You can also geotag if your ration is being siphoned off at a ration shop, poor quality roads been constructed in an area or funds have being siphoned off. A ‘Corruption Geotag’ can be left every time you experience corruption.


Soil Checker

by Elmar Stroomer

A soil sensor added to a mobile phone. The sensor is able to check the moisture, the minerals and vitamins situated in the soil on which plants and trees grow.

The problem

altAt dry and remote places it is often difficult to grow food or other useful crops (like cotton). This leads to predictable harvests. Every season the nutrition in the soil can differ. Plantations can be very large; making it too costly to install extensive sensor, watering and fertilizing equipment. This leads to over watering and using too much or too little fertilizer.

Possible solution

Sensors can be used to check the requirements of the soil. In the Netherlands sensors are used in tree and flower growing. It can see what the soil needs and in some cases the required nutrients are injected instantly leading sometimes to crops growing twice as fast as normal.



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