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The birth of ImaginMor

The name "ImaginMor", suggests "imagine India" and is portmanteau of the words imagine and Mor (Mor meaning Indian Peacock - national bird of India).

The founder of the company Tarun Mor got the idea of ImaginMor when he was studying MBA at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. When he was at University, it was really easy to find information on industries in Australia through ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) or IBISWorld. But, he soon discovered that finding information on industries in India is really difficult. There is nothing as such ABS or IBISWorld there. Finding simple information for industries in India is very tedious. This is because most of the data is scattered and one needs to look at number of sources to get the data they need. A lot of data in India is still published on paper which is almost impossible for students in Australia and other parts of the world to access.

He wants to solve this problem and provide information on over 600 industries in India online through ImaginMor. The website currently has 3 reports, Wine Industry India, Automobile Industry India and Telecom India.

At ImaginMor, he also wants to allow users to tap into their imagination to post, share and discuss ideas on improving Indian industries. We needs help from people that care about developing India to spread the word, share their ideas and make India a better place.

Tarun wants to build a community at ImaginMor that dares to make a difference and change the world for good. And hey, improving lives of 1.2 billion Indian’s is technically changing the world. So come along and join us on this journey. ;)

What is ImaginMor?

People with strong will and determination can make anything happen. ImaginMor™ will help you realize the potential of your ideas and give you the will and the determination to change your world.

ImaginMor™ publishes comprehensive research on industries in India and also helps you bring your ideas to life. We allow our users to tap into their imagination to post, share and discuss ideas on developing Indian industries.

The content of ImaginMor’s publications is researched from highly reliable sources such as government databases, industry associations and popular newspapers. The users can help us update our publications by sending links or reports that have the most recent information. Suggestions sent by the users are then reviewed, researched, validated and verified before being updated.

ImaginMor works very hard on providing reliable and relevant information to its users.

To view our featured publications, visit Telecom IndiaAutomobile Industry IndiaWine Industry IndiaEconomy of India or Census of India 2011and to view the most innovative ideas, visit Telecom Industry IdeasAutomobile Industry Ideas or Wine Industry Ideas.

Contact us immediately if you are looking to start a business or invest in India. We can provide you data and research customized to your needs.

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